Personal Alarm Electronic Self Protection Guardian Security Alarm

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Material: Plastic 



Color: pink, blue 
Volume: 90 db
Color: Pink,Blue
For all women,Children,Elderly people
1.The Angel Wings personal alarm is simply a must have for all women, children and even men. The beautiful angel wing design will give no clue as to what it is, making it even more safer than obvious personal alarms.
2.Simply press the button when under attack or panic and the 90db alarm will be loud enough for passers by, family members or friends to hear.
3.Never again will you have to worry about walking on the streets alone, or in the dark. This personal alarm will keep you safe, without you putting yourself in any danger (such as by carrying a weapon).
4.The police recommend that all women and children carry personal alarms during late nights, or when they are walking on their own. This is something you really must invest it.
5.The cute design comes in either pink or blue, so that even men and boys will not feel silly carrying one.
These can also be used as panic alarms for those that are ill or in danger.

Package Include:
1 X Angel Personal Alarm Electronic Self Protection Guardian Security Alarm




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