Wired Infrared Motion Detector Sensor Alarm

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Specification :

Sensor: Low noise, high sensitivity, dual element, PIR sensor
Pulse Count (Sensitivity): Two levels auto pulse signal processing, 1~3 pulses or 2~6 pulse selectable
Temperature Compensation: Auto
Startup Time: 60 seconds after power up
Detection Speed: 0.2~7mc
Lens: Second generation fresnel pet immunity lens
White Light Immunity: Yes
Coverage: 12m x 1100
Zones: 9+5+5+3=22

Installation Height: 1.1~3.1m adjustable
Alarm Indication: Green LED constant light 3 seconds(can be disabled)
Alarm Output: N.C., rating 28VDC 0.15A
Anti-Tamper Switch: N.C., opens when cover removed, rating 0.15A, 28Vdc
Power Input: 9~16VDC, 18mA
Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Operating Humidity: 95%
Size: 94 x 66 x 52mm / 3.7 x 2.6 x 2.0in (L x W x H) 

Package includeds :
1 x Wired PIR Detector
1 x Wall Mounting

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