LCD Wireless Home Burglar Alarm System Motion Door Window Sensor Security

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Model: CS85
Size(main device): 176x130x27.4 mm
Power supply: 110-230VAC(input)12V/1. 0A(output)
Backup battery: 7.4V/500 mah
Standby current: ≤≤80ua
Alarm current: ≤≤500ma
GSM(HZ): 850/900/1800/1900mhz
Operating temperature: -10℃-60℃
Operating humidity: ≦95%
Wireless frequency: 433Mhmhz
Alarm sound: ≥110db
Transmission of outdoor wireless power: 10±14db
Alarm transmission: GSM transport
Size(charge): 74.4x48.2x38.8 mm
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Size(siren): 61x45.9x33.6 mm
Size(SOS switch): 59.3x34.5x11.8 mm
Model: RC22
Voltage: DC3(2032Alkaline battery)
Operaion scope: 200m
Frequency: 315/433.92/868.4MHZ
Static current: 0
Size(Remote control ): 58x31x10.2 mm
Model: RC22
Voltage: DC3(2032Alkaline battery)
Operaion scope: 150m
Frequency: 433.92MHZ
Static current: 0
Working current: 10ma
Size(PIR detector): 92x62.4x39.3mm
Parameter specification: Detection angle: 110 degrees;
Detection range: 9 m @ 25 ℃
Working voltage: DC9V
Alarm output: Normally closed (100ma / 30VDC)
Disassemble output: Normally closed (100ma / 30VDC)
Working environment: Indoor;
Disassemble switch: Normally closed;
Loss mode: Wireless transmission alarm frequency 315/433.92/868.4 MHZ;
Size(door magnetic sensor: 77.1x48.8x19 mm
Model: CD100
Voltage: DC12V(23A battery*1)
Operaion scope: ≤200m(in open area)
Frequency: 315MHZ/433.92MHZ
Static current: ≤1μa
Working current: ≤15ma
Working distance: ≥2mm
Transmission protocol: 1527
Transmitter method: Wireless
Temperature: -10℃-50℃(14℉-122℉)
Package includes: 
1 x main device
1 x siren
1 x SOS switch
1 x charge(please choose one of you suitable types)
2 x remote control
3 x PIR detector
3 x sets door magnetic sensor
3 x instructions
4 x sets of accessories

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